iDt Payroll Integration

David Jenkins, CEO of NZPPA, has written an article on the Holidays Act. You can hear his sheer exasperation on the topic – “Yes, another post on the Holidays Act! If this mess ever gets resolved I may have a life or as HR states “work-life balance” (yeah right!)…”

His message is clear, that the payroll community needs to be more active in making sure that they are complying with the requirements of the Holidays Act, rather than burying their heads in the sand. That Payroll and Finance/HR have to be sure that they are compliant, and not relying solely on things such as:

  • Payroll system – be sure to do your homework here
  • Outsourcing payroll – the Act sits with the employer
  • Method of calculation – you must be able to show how you do this, not depend on the payroll system

Getting it wrong can have monetary and media ramifications!

Read the full article here.