In line with the company ethos of constant innovation, the bioscan mobile app has been updated to the biotime mobile app, providing an even more convenient solution for mobile time and attendance as the global workforce reaches new levels of employees working remotely.

With all the same great mobile time clock features, the new biotime mobile time and attendance app has had a workflow update for a better user experience, and now features bespoke iDt facial recognition functionality, making it ideal for use by increasingly dispersed workforces with higher rates of remote work.

Roll out is easy with the biotime app readily available on the Play Store and Google Play, ready for download to company mobile devices.

Simple to use, in depth insights

Each employee controls the clock in / clock out process with a few simple taps, and managers can use the iDt biotime dashboard to see at a glance where staff are, and what hours they are working.

Mobile data passes through the powerful award interpretation functionality of the biotime software  ready for integration with payroll software, ensuring accurate payslips and Time and Attendance reporting for all your staff, regardless of their location.

Bespoke facial recognition functionality

The biotime mobile app employs Microsoft Cognitive Services, which delivers a high-accuracy percentage match result against the original user-uploaded image. Managers can check scan thumbnails in biotime, providing extra reassurance that staff are where they say they are.

Single User Mode or Group Time Clock

The biotime mobile app can be employed in Single User Mode or Shared Mode to act as a time clock for one employee, or a group of staff working off site or in a different branch. With a biotime subscription a normal tablet with the biotime app installed can be mounted on a wall and used for Time and Attendance for groups of staff at one location, making this a seriously cost effective Mobile App Attendance Management solution for small to medium sized businesses, especially if they have a number of small groups working in different locations.


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