As creators of the biotime software, iDt also offer bespoke hardware and a mobile app to complement our time and attendance and job costing solutions. The latest release is the bioscan817 Finger Scanner.

Designed specifically for time and attendance and job costing, the 800-Series Finger Scanners combine a responsive multi-touch screen with highly sophisticated biometric readers which collect employee’s time and attendance data for collation and tracking in our proprietary biotime cloud software.

Although biotime was designed to provide all the expected features of Time & Attendance Software, the reality is that our clients request highly customised solutions to optimise their data use for efficiencies and profitability. Regardless of the complexity and software customisation required, the most common avenues of data collection are wall mounted Finger Scanners, our biotime Mobile App, or a combination of both.

Built-in biotime software

The iDt biotime software used in the bioscan range of finger scanners is designed from the ground up by iDt’s inhouse developers, and we have long term partnerships with trusted manufacturers who tailor-build bespoke time and attendance hardware to our exact requirements.

The software can be optionally expanded so that one Finger Scanner can record entries for up to 5000 employees, and the biotime solution means that all remote data recorded via the biotime mobile app is simultaneously included alongside the on-site data.

Independent, PUSH Technology

The bioscan 800 Series’ PUSH Technology means employee data is instantly available and updated, which is ideal for the distributed networks of today’s workforce. PUSH capability which means information fetches are not server dependent, the finger scanner can be located anywhere, and network configuration is not an issue.

The Finger Scanner software operates independently of the server with self-driven syncs, and any changes to staff records create immediate updates in server information.

All data sharing is Smart-Driven from the devices.

Highly sophisticated biometric finger scanners

The Biometric Finger Scanners are optional with the bioscan 807 and 810 but with the 817 the finger pad is fully integrated into the face of the device.

These European made finger scanners offer extreme accuracy and speed.

  • The finger pad is capable of 1:3000 fingerprint identification in one second
  • The best biometric readers produce a fingerprint image certified PIV IQS by the FBI
  • The bioscan pad offers Fake Finger Detection so you can be 100% confident about which staff are onsite or on breaks.

Built in software and bespoke connectivity features

With customisation designs completed in house by iDt, the Bioscan 800 Series hardware is custom manufactured to order with:

  • A customised touchscreen for PIN or data entry – 10” or 7”
  • A combined camera & RFID card reader
  • Wi-Fi aerial and ethernet ports
  • iDt’s proprietary biotime software built-in for plug and play compatibility and complete time and attendance and job/ department costing insights
  • bioscan 817 & 810 can control bells or sirens for break signals


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