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biotime streamlines the payroll process

biotime cloud software brings simplicity and accuracy to time and attendance data. Employees register attendance through fingerprint scanner, mobile app or desktop computer. All data is recorded in biotime, giving management visibility through dashboard reports – in real time.

Staff time and attendance data is passed to biotime’s powerful award interpreter where your company rules and pay awards are applied, calculating the correct entitlement for each employee. biotime then interfaces with your payroll software for rapid and accurate payroll processing.

As biotime is a cloud application it is fully scalable with your business growth – and flexible, so you only pay for what you use.

Combining the accuracy of biometric time capture with powerful award interpretation, job costing and rostering functionality makes biotime ideal for businesses of any size. biotime integrates with all reputable payroll systems, and is backed by iDt’s large specialist support team.

biotime is the perfect tool to streamline your business payroll processing costs.

accurate attendance

Staff can clock their time and attendance data from anywhere they work - giving management real time visibility of employee hours and job costing information via biotime reporting dashboards.

biotime on Desktop or Tablet

Employees can register their attendance via computer at any location with an internet connection.

bioscan Mobile App

Employees can use facial recognition to verify attendance from anywhere with mobile coverage.

bioscan App for Phone or Tablet

bioscan Fingerprint Scanners

bioscan biometric timeclocks eliminate fraudulent practices such as buddy-punching.

bioscan Fingerprint Scanners

GPS & time capture


Facial recognition


rostering & scheduling

Our employee timesheet software includes dynamic, easy-to-use template based scheduling, making it fast and simple to create employee schedules and rosters. Our software is suitable for rostering an individual, group, or a whole shift of employees with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Ditch spreadsheets

Forget using excel spreadsheets, with biotime software you can create and apply employee rosters and manage staff attendance with ease.

Rostering control

Set up master rosters and apply future changes in advance. A roster can be assigned to individual employees, work groups or by department.

Rostering features

  • Colour code shifts
  • Employee preferences
  • Email or text notifications

job costing software

Take the guess work out of costing your jobs.
Powerful job-costing functionality gives managers visibility of the time being spent on specific jobs or projects. This information can then be used to aid important decisions such as resource allocation and pricing strategies.

Powerful Functionality

Real-time visibility for managers and supervisors of the time being spent on specific jobs or projects. This information can then be used to aid important decisions such as resource allocation, pricing strategies and in new product development programmes.

Cost allocation

When clocking in, the employee simply enters the job code for the job they are working on and all time is recorded against this job, allowing the accurate allocation of time and cost and facilitating tight management and reporting.

Job costing insights

Ideal for manufacturing and construction operations, hospitality, retail, Professional Services organisations - or any organisation wishing to maintain an accurate understanding costs and profitability by job, project or product.

Watch ourjob costingbiotime demo

shift transfers

Employees can easily transfer shifts using a fingerprint scanner unit, our mobile app or within biotime software. biotime dashboards give employers visibility of exactly which staff are working in which department, and when. For costing rosters this is particularly important. Managers can accurately forecast the cost of their workforce in each department. For skill based scheduling where qualifications or training are required for particular roles, biotime can be configured to automate the scheduling process.

payroll integration

Once your pay period is complete in our system, it’s a simple upload to your existing payroll software, no double handling or keying required! We partner with all reputable payroll companies.

Watch ourbiotime demo

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