Do fingerprint scanners violate employee privacy?

The quick answer is absolutely not!

The technical answer is as follows.

When using a fingerscan/biometric unit, an individuals finger is measured by a sensor, which scans significant landmarks of the fingerprint pattern. The sensor would then process that into

a set of numbers, known as a template.

The system locates that template when the individual’s finger is placed on the scanner, and the system checks to see whether that finger pattern conformed to the template.

  • the template is not a fingerprint image but is a mathematical representation which cannot be reverse-engineered to reconstruct a fingerprint
  • the original image is transient, and is not stored within the unit
  • the system verifies the user within the confines of the employers’ list of employees only

So here at iDt Group we can confirm the following

  • The fingerscan technology we use never stores a fingerprint
  • An enrolment is required to create a “template” record for the user
  • When you want to record a transaction, present your finger and the fingerscan will make a comparison with the stored template record
  • The fingerscan does not store a fingerprint image
  • A fingerprint image can in no way be created from a template record
  • A template record is less than 0.03% the size of a typical fingerprint record (under 1024B vs. 500,000B)
  • The template record is stored in an encrypted form so that it is not useable by any third party applications, nor can it be used to identify the owner outside of the fingerscan unit itself

If you, or your employees have any concerns around privacy, please feel free to use the above or get in contact with us.