iDt brings you biotime

Combine our bespoke cloud time and attendance software biotime with bioscan fingerprint scanners and our mobile app. Empower decision makers with complete visibility of employee attendance and impacts on job costing. Streamline payroll processing, rostering and shift swaps while reducing payroll costs and eliminating inaccurate data. biotime software integrates with all reputable payroll software and our large support team are here to provide specialist advice and assistance across Australia and New Zealand.

biotime mobile app

Our bespoke mobile time & attendance app, biotime, allows your employees to ‘punch in’ from any location. With facial recognition and micro-location GPS you can be sure you receive pin-point accurate data on where and when your team are working. biotime allows job costing functionality and employee notifications.

bioscan fingerprint scanners

iDt’s custom designed fingerprint scanners give intensely accurate information in real time.  bioscan biometric time-clock technology is designed specifically for time & attendance and job costing and sends data to biotime for real time visibility of staff attendance and job costing data.

Accurate staff attendance

Pay staff accurately for the time they work. Capture employee start, finish and break times easily with our bioscan fingerscan units, or our mobile app for staff on the road.

Time & attendance software

biotime instantly receives employee punches, calculates hours and alerts managers of discrepancies. biotime will apply your business rules, calculate overtime or allowances, and has an easy to use, powerful rostering/scheduling function.

Payroll integration

biotime interfaces with your current payroll software, making payroll preparation accurate and efficient. Automate the process of uploading time and attendance data.

iDt are committed to creating the best fit solution for your organisation

Every business has unique goals and payroll requirements. Because our cloud software biotime is bespoke, and we created the custom designed bioscan fingerprint scanners and bioscan mobile app, we know our solution capabilities intimately. Add Australasia's largest time and attendance specialist support team and 20+ years of experience to the mix, and iDt are uniquely placed to deliver the best of breed workforce management system for you.

Experienced technical teams – onsite and help desk support in Australia & New Zealand.

iDt have staff in Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington. 

Contact technical support

“At Griffin’s Foods we have been using iDt’s Time & Attendance System for the past 10 years at our two manufacturing sites. We find this system easy to use and iDt’s helpdesk staff very efficient in resolving any issues that could arise.

We have also recently implemented iDt’s bioscan mobile app for our merchandising staff. They can now log their start and finish times via their smartphones, tablets etc. This has really streamlined our payroll processes. The system is effective and easy to use.”