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There's an easier way to manage staff attendance

Ensure accurate attendance, manage rostering and shifts, and streamline your payroll administration.

Managing a workforce can be complex, but with an iDt system
you can automate many of the steps - saving time and money for your business.

Accurate Staff Attendance

Reduce Payroll Processing Time

Automate Staff Scheduling

Prevent Common Payroll Errors

Automating staff Time and Attendance is easy with iDt

Automated workforce solutions in Australia & NZ, since 1997

Reduce your payroll administration by 80%

Save 5% of your annual payroll costs

Streamline your payroll process & staff scheduling

Timesheet Software

Biometric Timeclocks

Mobile Workforce Apps

Advanced Scheduling

Budget Management

Interface to Payroll

Customer Focused

Experienced technical team – onsite and helpdesk support in Australia & New Zealand

Our customers include

“Since Sistema Plastics implemented a Time and Attendance system from iDt, our payroll processing time has reduced significantly and we have much greater visibility of our payroll costs“



We are passionate about technology and innovation


Mobile Apps


Proven Biometrics

Effective employee time capture for any environment

Mobile Workforce

From any location via smartphones, laptops or tablets

World Class Software

True award interpretation, scheduling, reports and automatic notifications

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