At iDt Group, our commitment to constant innovation is embedded in our processes, ensuring we are always asking the question – What can we do smarter?

A stream of new requests comes from our Sales team asking if we change the current logic to track a potential client’s key business markers, or to fit with the business’s payroll software reporting goals.

Often the quest for an answer is provoked by our clients, who ask if it is possible to create additional insights, or streamline their in-house processes, or build new custom functionality into our software to meet specific needs.

“The beauty of being a smaller local software company is that so much of our technology development is directly related to customer need. iDt can be more dynamic, change faster, and respond to customer requests or prospect needs in a way that larger multinationals just can’t. Our technology development is truly client driven.”  –  Paul Murphy, Development Manager

What is a Time & Attendance solution, really?

At iDt we provide time clocks and a mobile app that capture employee attendance data within our Time and Attendance software – but in reality, that’s just the very tip of the iceberg.

The actual purpose of our solutions is to provide a way to connect and identify data, passing award interpretation information to payroll systems. It’s one thing to know that an employee worked from 9am to 5pm, but iDt’s biotime software records how many hours should be logged at each pay code, against which project or cost centre, allowing deep dive analysis of company expenses or instantly available dashboard insights on company-wide leave owing, or real time tracking of projects against budget. With biotime, decision makers have complete visibility of employee attendance and cost. Businesses can streamline payroll processing and rostering, reduce payroll costs and eliminate inaccurate data.

On top of this, almost 70% of client businesses request customised solutions specific to their methodology or workflow. This demand, and the ability to meet it, creates continual new development projects within iDt Group.

Inhouse software expertise & device specialist collaboration

Since inception of the business in 1997, and the beginning of biotime in 2012, iDt technology for our cloud products, server side software and all Q&A has been done and developed in-house, and our team work to evolve and improve our solutions constantly. Like any software product, innovation and development is continuous. With new and extended features being developed and added every month, our end user solution looks very different to how it did five years ago, and will continue to move ahead of market requirements.

iDt have collaborated with hardware developers to install the biotime software onto various hardware devices and time clocks, and we worked with specialist mobile app developers to create the biotime Mobile App and facial recognition time clock functionality. These partnerships ensure that our clients get the benefit of specialist device expertise, for a seamless experience.

Intuitive user experience is key

Regardless of the development project’s goals, we always ensure a strong focus on the user interface. From the biotime Mobile App to SaaS solutions, use must always be intuitive to provide end clients with a stress free, logical and swift user experience.

The right people & the right process for smart development

We seek to employ people who ask; ‘is there a better way’, ‘what if we changed this’ or ‘why is this the way we do things’? The answer ‘because we’ve always done it that way’ is never an option when you work in software development.

Regardless of if the development project is focused on our cloud services, mobile app or SaaS, the roadmap for product changes requires three levels of input to inform the goals and identify the process:

  1. Customer need identified or new Prospect request received
  2. Sales Team and Technical Team
  3. Company Owners and Development Team

Once the client, team and decision makers have provided their input, the innovation begins.

Innovation is inspiring

Let’s be honest – technology innovation and constant software improvement is what keeps our team inspired. Our innovation keeps our clients engaged, and it’s what ensures that the highly configurable time and attendance software solutions we provide sit a level or two above the competition.


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Thank you to Austin Distel for the use of his photograph.