Representing the latest in biometric technology.
Designed by us, for our customers.

Fingerprint Scanners

Accurate staff attendance is covered – office, factory or on the road.

Representing the latest in biometric timeclock technology, combining a responsive multi-touch screen, proprietary bioscan software and the latest in biometric readers, bioscan timeclocks are designed specifically for time & attendance and job costing for iDt Group.

We have a range of biometric scanners available, to suit the type of environment and the functionality required for your workplace.


Fingerprint Readers

Job Costing Specific

bioscan - biometric scanners

Our bioscan fingerprint scanners range from simple and cost effective to highest quality fingervein readers.

All of our fingerprint readers seamlessly integrate with our biotime software – in real time for instant attendance information.

The team at PlaceMakers New Lynn find IDT’s finger scanning system the most efficient, time saving, new piece of equipment that we have had installed. With the assistance of their friendly, experienced techs, we have streamlined our payroll to a matter of just pushing a few buttons & downloading our electronic timesheets direct to our internet payroll company.

iDt Testimonial by Placemakers


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