biotime mobile appfor staff on the move.

Employees on the road, or off-site?our mobile app can help.

No matter what duties your staff are doing, or where they are, with an iDt system, you have full visibility.

Automating staff attendance on the road has never been more simple. Using the biotime app on a mobile device, employees can clock in/out quickly and accurately.

Staff can easily log job numbers also, and can be rostered on for specific duties. Making your life easy when it comes to costing jobs or duties and scheduling in the future.

“Furnware are able to accurately track time and attendance for their 70-120 staff.”

Furnware chose iDt’s bioscan 807 fingerscanner, the bioscan mobile app and biotime software.

Facial Recognition

Trusting your employees is incredibly important. They are the backbone of your business and create the environment to succeed.

Fortunately, there are some things that don’t require trust. You can simply KNOW. Time-tracking is one of these areas.

With facial recognition, you get state-of-the-art biometrics on any mobile device.

Mobile GPS

The bioscan mobile time and attendance app combines employee punches with GPS location data, so you can be sure your employee is registering attendance at the right locations.

The bioscan mobile app can also be used to track job costing data, so specific jobs at specific locations can easily be tracked.

A great option for accurate, cost effective attendance.

3D Microlocations

Do you need something more precise than GPS? With the bioscan mobile app you can know the exact position of your employees punches - even within buildings. Know that your employee is punching in on the 5th floor vs the parking lot for example.

The ‘where’ is recorded as part of every biometric record and with 3D micro-locations, you get pinpoint accuracy every time – and it’s all from the mobile devices your people and company already have.

time & attendance softwareanywhere

The bioscan mobile app sends data to your biotime software - which interfaces easily with all reputable payroll systems.

Management Reporting

Produce custom at-a-glance reports collating data from staff both on site and off site to give Management visibility of company wide time and attendance trends.

Fingerprint Scanners, Mobile App or PC

Depending whether your team are on site or work remote, select the bioscan mobile app, fingerprint scanners or desktop computers to record time and attendance accurately.

Payroll Integration

Ensure your payroll is based on accurate attendance data. biotime collects all employee punches, applies necessary awards and rates and then passes this information seamlessly to your payroll system.

GPS Coordinates for PC, Laptop or Tablet

The bioscan mobile app lets employees quickly and easily log their attendance, wherever they are, while managers can see at a glance in the biotime software when and where the log was made for peace of mind.

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