biotime time & attendancecloud software.

biotime Cloud Time & Attendance Software

As biotime is a cloud application, it is scalable and flexible, meaning it grows with your business – and you only pay for what you use.

With the accuracy of biometric fingerprint or mobile app time capture, powerful award interpretation, job costing and rostering functionality, biotime is ideal for businesses of any size. With integration with all reputable payroll systems, biotime is the perfect tool to lower wage costs, eliminate buddy-punching, and streamline your business payroll processing costs.

“The main benefit to us so far has been real time information – knowing exactly when employees are on site.”

– Stephanie Hall, Financial Controller, Alspec.
Alspec chose iDt’s bioscan fingerscan units in conjunction with biotime software, which integrates directly with their existing payroll system.

Calculate Staff Hours

Interfaces with Payroll

Overtime Calculations


Job Costing

Shift Transfers

time & attendance softwarethat works to your rules.

Sophisticated award interpretation and rule application is integral to our systems - and biotime interfaces easily with all reputable payroll systems.

Cloud Software

Manage your Workforce effectively, no matter where you are - or where they are. Your Time and Attendance data is stored in the cloud for access via any internet connection.

Comprehensive Data Visibility

Track workforce time and attendance data for actionable, valuable information. Monitor critical employee payroll, scheduling, and historical trend information by creating tailored reports and commonly used reports.

Accurate Time Collection

Time collection is automated and accuracy is guaranteed when biotime is combined with bioscan biometric timeclocks. Fraudulent practices such as buddy-punching are eliminated and time-consuming manual processes associated with timesheets are completely removed.

Payroll Accuracy

Ensure your payroll is based on accurate attendance data. biotime collects all employee punches, applies necessary awards and rates and then passes this information seamlessly to your payroll system, ensuring your payroll is correct without the need for manual processing of timesheets, application of awards etc.

Informative Management Reports

Produce custom at-a-glance reports to give Management visibility of time and attendance trends. Assign access appropriate to each team-member's role. Build business rules that help you track and measure the information you need.

Combine biotime With Fingerprint Scanners & Mobile

Depending whether your team are on site or work remote, select the biotime mobile app or fingerprint scanners to record time and attendance through biometric data.

Leave & Absence Management

Track late arrivals, early departures or not working on a scheduled day. Online leave management.

Streamline the leave and absence management process by managing it at the capture point. Annual leave or sick leave records are passed through to payroll to ensure complete accuracy removing the reliance on manual, paper-based systems that are time consuming and pose the risk of error and fraud.

Award Interpretation

Automatically apply employee’s pay rates based on their attendance data.

biotime’s powerful award interpretation engine means that the business rules that govern an employee’s pay rates are automatically applied based on their attendance data. You can automatically enforce policies on paid and unpaid leave and remove the need for complex manual calculations and data manipulation.

Scheduling / Rostering

Control scheduling variations and help eliminate coverage gaps and over-staffing issues while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Streamline and simplify the process of creating and managing rosters. biotime’s roster management module allows line managers to quickly roster staff to shifts, manage changes and manage budgets.

biotime streamlines the payroll process

biotime is all about simplicity and accuracy. Employees register their attendance through bioscan – using a fingerprint scanner or the mobile app – or via tablet or desktop PC.

Each punch is recorded accurately in biotime, giving managers real-time visibility of staff attendance and the ability to deal with exceptions quickly.

Staff time and attendance data is passed to biotime’s powerful award interpreter where your company rules and awards are applied.

The correct employee entitlement is then calculated and passed directly to your payroll software for rapid and accurate payroll processing.

Easily understand where mobile staff are

See where labour costs are going

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