What have our Implementation Team been up to?

Edition 1.

I will be posting every few months an update about what we have been doing in our implementation team lately – to give you an insight into the kind of installs we are doing.


Furniture manufacturer Time & Attendance


Firstly, we have been working with a Furniture Manufacturer Furnware, with approx 70 employees, but with a seasonal peak of up to 120 or so. They have just moved from manual timesheets and are completely new to Time & Attendance. They are now using bioscan 807 fingerscan, our bioscan app and biotime software. Our Implementation Consultant said the client is really happy and complimenting the system daily. They are currently in the parallel phase, and hope to go live in a couple of weeks. Then they will look to use the full features of the system Рthey are particularly interested in the job costing functionality.




iDt Home Page Workforce Solutions


Another client Profreight, who we have been working with for over 10 years, needed to upgrade their on-premise system, and to do so would need a new server. They spoke to our consultant, Tai Leaf, and decided to move over to¬†biotime, being a cloud product, it eliminated the need for the new server. They are in the Warehousing and Distribution industry, and are finding biotime really easy to use, and therefore the supervisors are much more confident using it. They are going to go live ASAP and I’m looking forward to seeing how they are getting on next year.




iDt Workforce Management System


Another example is one of our key clients in the labour hire sector – their client has approx 650 employees. It’s a unique site, and they required a lot of additional elements like customised reports. The company has enormous seasonal peaks, so the new system is instigating a change in their internal processes, to make their business much more streamlined and efficient. Our team have put a huge amount of time and effort into this one and have found it a really exciting and interesting install. They are in the training/testing phase at the moment.




That’s it from me – look out for the next edition in the New Year.


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