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Automate your Staff Attendance, Rosters and Payroll Process

Small businesses or large, multiple sites, many employees or complex rules, we can help.

Application of company rules
Cloud based or on premise
Automated calculation of employee hours
Comprehensive reports
Advanced scheduling
Award interpretation
Track employee data & analytics
Leave & absence management

Scheduling & Rostering

•  Identify coverage  •  Reduce overtime  •  Balance workloads


Forget using excel spreadsheets, with an iDt system you can create and apply employee rosters with ease.

Set up master rosters and apply future changes in advance. A roster can be assigned to individual employees, work groups or department.

Our software includes dynamic, easy-to-use template based scheduling makes it fast and simple to create employee schedules for an individual, a group, or a whole shift of employees with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.


  • Skill base scheduling

  • Colour code shifts

  • Employee preferences

  • Email & text notifications

  • Schedule swapping

Industry Specific

For many manufacturing firms, being competitive depends on your ability to control costs. In most cases, the largest of these costs is labour. Managing labour costs is becoming increasingly complex, with fluctuating staffing levels, multiple and remote sites, variations in shifts, as well as the complexities of multiple pay rates, overtime and awards.

An iDt Time and Attendance solution can help overcome these issues and increase competitiveness through:

  • Elimination of manual timesheets and hand-punches
  • Automatic award interpretation
  • Intelligent scheduling and rostering
  • Accurate job costing

Increased Productivity – Labour is the single largest expenditure for most construction companies. As a result, accurate employee timekeeping can be the difference between a profitable and unprofitable project. Your organisation can unlock the potential for significant payroll cost savings with the addition of a dedicated Time and Attendance solutions from iDt Group. Plus, powerful job-costing functionality within iDt Group’s Time and Attendance solutions aids the budgeting process and gives managers real-time visibility of the time being spent on specific jobs or projects to ensure profitability is maximised.

  • Maintain project margins
  • Develop accurate budgets with job costing functions
  • Eliminate time fraud

Improved Efficiency – As rising labour costs put pressure on margins, ensuring that your labour force is effectively utilised has become the single biggest driver of business performance. Not having the right tools and processes to manage this important resource costs businesses thousands of dollars per year.

A Time and Attendance solution from iDt Group can help you:

  • Optimise your staffing levels
  • Manage remote teams
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations (such as drivers hours)

Better Customer Service – Perhaps more than any other, the Hospitality and Retail industries depend on having the right people, in the right place at the right time. To ensure you deliver the service your customers expect you need to have the right team in place. iDt Group’s workforce solutions provide your managers with the tools they require to ensure your staffing levels are optimised. With the ability to develop and manage accurate rosters across multiple shifts you can be sure you have the team in place while keeping a tight rein on labour costs.

  • Improve your customer service
  • Reduce unnecessary wages
  • Simplify the management of complex shifts

Lower Labour Costs – The recent strong growth of mining industry has seen record levels of employment in this sector, and with it, an increased wage bill. With this has come an increased need for tight controls and efficient payroll processes. Time and Attendance solutions have a key role to play to ensure the mining sector maximises profitability and continues to capitalise on strong revenue growth.

Time and Attendance solutions offer the following key benefits to the mining sector:

  • Eradicate time fraud and “buddy-punching”
  • Manage complex rosters and schedules
  • Cut out unnecessary wage costs
  • Integrate with access control for increase security

Integration with Payroll and HR Systems

Once your pay period is complete in our system, it’s a simple upload to your existing payroll software.

No double handling or keying.

Do things right the one time.


Below is a small sample of the payroll companies we partner with.

“At Griffin’s Foods we have been using iDt’s Time & Attendance System for the past 10 years. We find this system easy to use and iDt’s helpdesk staff very efficient in resolving any issues that could arise.

We have also recently implemented a Mobile System for our merchandising staff. They can now log their start and finish times via their smartphones, tablets etc. This has really streamlined our payroll processes.”

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