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We know what works for effective Time & Attendance, our solutions are based on 20 years experience.

Our solutions are tailored to your requirements

Small or large businesses
Cloud or on site software
1 or Multiple sites
Site based or mobile employees
Options to capture attendance
All industry sectors

We can help your company with

Calculation of employee hours
Meal allowances
Overtime calculations
Comprehensive reports
Budget management
Track employee data & analytics
Leave & absence management

“At Griffin’s Foods we have been using iDt’s Time & Attendance System for the past 10 years. We find this system easy to use and iDt’s helpdesk staff very efficient in resolving any issues that could arise.

We have also recently implemented a Mobile System for our merchandising staff. They can now log their start and finish times via their smartphones, tablets etc. This has really streamlined our payroll processes.”

Accurate staff attendance is covered -

office, factory or on the road.

Fingerscan & Fingervein devices to suit all environments

Mobile apps for smartphones with GPS & Facial Recognition

Employee attendance from any location – PC, Laptop or Tablet

Scheduling & Rostering

Identify coverage

Reduce overtime

Balance workloads

Forget using excel spreadsheets, with an iDtec system you can create and apply employee rosters and manage staff attendance with ease.

Set up master rosters and apply future changes in advance. A roster can be assigned to individual employees, work groups or by department.

Our employee timesheet software includes dynamic, easy-to-use template based scheduling, making it fast and simple to create employee schedules and rosters. Our software is suitable for an individual, group, or a whole shift of employees with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Skill base scheduling


Colour code shifts


Employee preferences


Email & text notifications


Schedule swapping

Job Costing

Take the guess work out of costing your jobs. Powerful job-costing functionality gives managers visibility of the time being spent on specific jobs or projects. This information can then be used to aid important decisions such as resource allocation & pricing strategies.

When clocking in, the employee simply scans the barcode, or enters the job code, for the job they are working on and all time is recorded against this job, allowing the accurate allocation of time, resource cost, facilitating tight management and reporting.

Mobile Workforce

 GPS & time capture

 Facial recognition

With an increasing percentage of many workforces being located away from a central facility, and often in remote locations, it is important that business systems are able to extend mission critical processes such as payroll to reach all employees.

We have options that allow time capture to take place, no matter how remote the employee’s location. Additional integration with GPS tracking tools creates the ability to also capture location data, which, when combined with time data, provides the complete management solution for companies with a mobile workforce.

Our Mobile Apps enable time punches from any location via smartphones, laptops or tablets.

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Shift Transfers

Employees can easily transfer shifts with an iDtec system, either on a fingerprint scan unit, mobile device or within the software.

This will help employers understand exactly when their staff are working in which department. For costing rosters this is particularly important, managers can accurately forecast the cost of their workforce in each department.

For skill-based scheduling where qualifications or training are required for particular roles, an iDtec system can automate the scheduling process.


Integration with Payroll and HR Systems

Once your pay period is complete in our system, it’s a simple upload to your existing payroll software.

No double handling or keying. Do things right the one time.

We partner with all reputable payroll companies

“The main benefit to us so far has been real time information – knowing exactly when employees are on site” 



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