iDt Software

Make payroll a breeze, with smart,
easy to use workforce management software.

Software that works to your rules

Sophisticated award interpretation, and rules application is integral to our systems.

Easy interface to all reputable payroll systems.

Calculated staff hours


Interface to payroll

Job Costing

Overtime calculations

Shift Transfers

Tools to manage your workforce

Award Interpretation

Automatically apply employee’s pay rates based on their attendance data.

Comprehensive Reports

Critical employee payroll, scheduling, and historical trend information. Create tailored reports and “favourite” commonly used reports.

Cloud Based

Manage your Workforce effectively,
no matter where you are.

Leave & Absence

Track late arrivals, early departures or not working on a scheduled day. Online leave management.

Track Employee
Data & Analytics

Easily convert workforce data into actionable, valuable information.

Scheduling/Rostering Management

Control scheduling variations and help eliminate coverage gaps and overstaffing issues while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

biotime software

As biotime is a cloud application, it is scalable and flexible, meaning it grows with your business and you only pay for what you use.

With the accuracy of biometric fingerprint time capture, powerful award interpretation, job costing and rostering functionality, biotime is ideal for businesses of any size. With integration with all reputable payroll systems, biotime is the perfect tool to lower wage costs, eliminate buddy-punching, and streamline your business’ payroll processing.

Read more about biotime and watch our short demo video below.

Alspec chose iDt’s bioscan fingerscan units in conjunction with biotime software, which integrates directly with their existing payroll system. At present they have 9 sites and 300 waged employees using the system, and will look to add their salaried employees in the future, so they can further streamline processes – like applying for leave through the Leave Management functionality.

“The main benefit to us so far has been real time information – knowing exactly when employees are on site” – Stephanie Hall, Financial Controller.

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