Job Costing with iDt

Effective Time & Attendance Solutions,
backed by 20 years experience.


Our automated workforce management software is world class.
Sophisticated award interpretation and rules application is integral to our systems.
Easy interface to all reputable payroll systems.

Award Interpretation

Automatically apply employee’s pay rates based on their attendance data.

Comprehensive Reports

Critical employee payroll, scheduling, and historical trend information. Create tailored reports and “favourite” commonly used reports.

Cloud Based

Manage your Workforce effectively,
no matter where you are.

Leave & Absence

Track late arrivals, early departures or not working on a scheduled day. Online leave management.

Track Employee
Data & Analytics

Easily convert workforce data into actionable, valuable information.

Scheduling/Rostering Management

Control scheduling variations and help eliminate coverage gaps and overstaffing issues while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Browser Entry

Our software products enable employees to ‘clock in’ via their computer or a shared terminal.

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Time & Attendance software

Biometric Fingerscan

We have a range of biometric readers available, that we match to the type of environment and the functionality our customers need.



Metal Cased

Portable Rubber Cased

Job Costing Specific

Card Systems

A range of terminals to work with all common cards – magnetic, barcode and proximity card types.

Mobile apps for staff attendance

Employees on the road? No problem

No matter what duties your staff are doing, or where they are, with an iDt system, you have full visibility.
Automating staff attendance on the road has never been more simple. Using an app on a mobile device, employees can clock in/out quickly and accurately.
Staff can easily log job numbers also, and can be rostered on for specific duties. Making your life easy when it comes to costing jobs or duties and scheduling in the future.

Our mobile app combines data from GPS location to give an accurate employee time punch.

With facial recognition, employees capture their image on a smartphone or tablet and the data is uploaded to your software.

“At Metro Glasstech we have over 500 employees across 16 sites. iDt’s system has removed the need for staff to fill out manual time sheets, which gives them more time to focus on their jobs, and the reporting gives management much greater control of this major cost.”

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