Payroll Compliance

It seems that payroll compliance is becoming more important than ever – many companies have appeared in the news regarding underpayments, or paying staff incorrectly.

A big part of the problem is with accurate record keeping and applying awards correctly. That’s where a good Time & Attendance system can help – by ensuring you have up to date records that you can depend on being accurate.

If employees are filling in paper timesheets, or filling in an excel spreadsheet, there is the necessity to collect those records and key into payroll. There are so many avenues for error. With a Time & Attendance system, employees register their attendance electronically with biometric scanners, cards, PIN codes or a mobile app – this information goes directly into the Time & Attendance software, the calculations are done and the completed file is transferred to the payroll system giving both managers and payroll staff current and historic attendance information.

This is so valuable today, when you see the below articles stacking up:

Payroll Compliance with iDt

Labour providers fined more than $200,000 for employee underpayments, by misclassifying employees as independent contractors:


ABC are reviewing payments made to casual staff, after admitting they may have underpaid 2,500 casual staff over the past 6 years:



French company Thales underpaid workers by $5.4m over seven years, a result of discrepancies between workers on individual contracts and those on a similar job classification on a collective agreement:



WorkPac, a mining labour firm, is alleged to have underpaid ‘regular’ casuals on annual leave and other entitlements and is facing an 84 million class action:





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