Fingerprint Scanners and Privacy

Do fingerprint scanners violate employee privacy?   The quick answer is absolutely not! The technical answer is as follows. When using a fingerscan/biometric unit, an individuals finger is measured by […]

Payroll Compliance

It seems that payroll compliance is becoming more important than ever – many companies have appeared in the news regarding underpayments, or paying staff incorrectly. A big part of the […]

What does Award Interpretation mean?

Hopefully we can help clarify what award interpretation is, and why it should be an integral part of a Time & Attendance system. Put simply – if an employee is […]

Common industry terms – a guide

What does Biometric mean? Biometric is the calculation of an individual’s body measurements, being fingerprint, hand, eye or face. The most prevalent type used is fingerprint scanners for Time & […]

How to prevent staff from pulling a ‘sickie’

Studies have found that absenteeism costs New Zealand workplaces about $1.5 billion a year.  How do employers reduce the cost of sick leave and curb absenteeism? The below article suggests […]

What have our Implementation Team been up to?

Edition 1. I will be posting every few months an update about what we have been doing in our implementation team lately – to give you an insight into the […]

CEO of NZPPA on the New Zealand Holidays Act

David Jenkins, CEO of NZPPA, has written an article on the Holidays Act. You can hear his sheer exasperation on the topic – “Yes, another post on the Holidays Act! […]

bioscan mobile app user guide

If you want flexibility, and need a great mobile Time & Attendance option for your employees, iDt Group has the solution! We have developed our bioscan app – available for […]

New Customer Case Study – Alspec

    Alspec specialises in the design and distribution of aluminium systems to the architectural, industrial and home improvement markets. With 12 sites across Australia, and a mix of waged […]

How to manage staff leave with iDt

If you didn’t know already, iDt has built in leave management in both our software options – ADI Time and biotime. This article is to help you get the most […]

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