Experienced technical team delivering competitively priced,
quality systems.


Let’s do it once and do it right.

iDt offers staff attendance and employee timesheet software options based on how your company operates. We will walk you through the configuration of your Workforce Management system from start to finish.


Talk with one of our sales consultants to determine which iDt solution will suit your company best.


Go through our database questionnaire which will enable us to set your rules, specific to your operation.


We will come to your site and install any hardware/software and provide user training.

Parallel Phase

Run your new employee management system alongside your current method, to ensure a smooth transition.

Go Live

Connect your software to your existing payroll system.

Say goodbye to manual payroll processes!

Capture employee attendance

Calculate staff hours

How does it work?

Apply rules

Automated email notifications

Set schedules within the software

Create reports and automate them

Integrate directly with your existing payroll and HR systems

Why We Don't Do Free Trials

There are many variables in every company.

Effectively capturing time & attendance requires time to understand your business’ payroll processes and rules.

In order for an employee management system to work effectively, your company’s payroll process and rules need to be defined and set up properly from the outset.

Then you have a truly automated system that performs the way it should.


‘One size fits all’ is not true for an effective time and attendance solution, so pricing will be based on the solution that best suits your business. We are competitively priced and offer subscriptions, rentals and outright purchase.

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