iDt Mobile Solutions

We are passionate about how we can help organisations streamline their workforce management processes, using technology.

iDtec started in 1997, when traditional punch card machines were predominantly used to collect employee hours. We have seen vast changes in technology over this time and have made a strong commitment to on-going innovation.

By developing our own cloud-based software, Biotime, a bespoke fingerprint scanner and finger vein device has meant a huge increase in the functionality we are able to achieve.

We have the largest team of specialist support personnel across Australia (iDtec) and NZ (iDt). We value our client relationships and have the experience and knowledge to deliver solutions that are suited to the needs of our customers.

Meet our Management Team

Hayden Burnett

Hayden Burnett has been with iDt almost since its inception and knows the business inside and out. With an engineering background, he started as a Service Technician and became the Service Manager as the team grew. Consulting and Sales was the next move, and is now a Director and Group Sales Manager.

Martin Davis

Martin Davis, joined iDt in 2010 after many years at Zeacom. He brings with him years of experience in management of operations and software development.

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