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Case Study - Jenkin Timber

Auckland company Jenkin invested in an iDt system that automates staff time and attendance.

The benefits include being able to capture accurate employee attendance figures, automatically calculate their hours and any overtime, and importantly, the system easily interfaces with existing payroll systems.

Jenkin employees around 75 staff and when it comes to timesheet management the company has specific challenges based around shift work, various work schedules, allowances, overtime and reporting.

Bronwyn Hunter, purchasing officer at Jenkin, says the iDt system was very easy to implement – made even easier by the training and support provided.

Hunter especially likes the automated reporting function, “this is the most noticeable benefit – the reports are very easy to customise and they can be quickly transferred to Excel.”

The timesheet system also incorporates finger-scanning devices, which means scanning can only be performed by enrolled individuals.

Hunter also appreciates how the iDt system automatically loads statutory holidays, and how timesheets can be amended online by the department leaders.

“The new system has significantly cut down on the time needed to process the company’s payroll,” she adds.

Client Feedback

At Griffin’s Foods we have been using iDt’s Time & Attendance System for the past 10 years at our two manufacturing sites located in Wiri and Papakura. We find this system easy to use and iDt’s helpdesk staff very efficient in resolving any issues that could arise.

We have also recently implemented a Mobile System for our merchandising staff. They can now log their start and finish times via their smartphones, tablets etc. This has really streamlined our payroll processes. The system is effective and easy to use.
Griffin's iDt Time & Attendance Testimonial

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Since Sistema Plastics implemented a Time and Attendance system from iDt, our payroll processing time has reduced significantly and we have much greater visibility of our payroll costs.

iDt Testimonial from Sistema


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At Metro Glasstech we have over 500 employees across 16 sites. iDt’s system has removed the need for staff to fill out manual time sheets, which gives them more time to focus on their jobs, and the reporting gives management much greater control of this major cost. 

iDt Testimonial by Metro Glasstech


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The team at PlaceMakers New Lynn find IDT’s finger scanning system the most efficient, time saving, new piece of equipment that we have had installed. With the assistance of their friendly, experienced techs, we have streamlined our payroll to a matter of just pushing a few buttons & downloading our electronic timesheets direct to our internet payroll company.

iDt Testimonial by Placemakers


This page is also available for: en_nzNew Zealand

This page is also available for: en_nzNew Zealand